source: official Capcom Japan

artist: 菊野郎さん

translation: me


It’s been a loooooooooooong time since I last drew Professor Layon fanart. aksdakdjhk


Dark Chocolate Brownies

[pixiv: nyoro] 法曹界の歪み


Luke’s character development is amazing.


// So after watching some of the last cutscenes in Unwound Future, I remember the moment where Layton stops someone from running inside the burning lab because there wasn’t anything that person could do.

Then I just imagine a certain part from Bridge to the Turnabout.


Now I can’t stop imagining Hershel, Luke, and Larry trying to hold Phoenix back but he breaks free and tries to run across the bridge, only to fall into the frigid river.


wtf im in mutuals with so many cuties. so many rad folks. i like you guys a lot


kind of wanted to draw more comic art of my current favs for wondercon but ended up finally doing the capcom prints ive been wanting to do hahaaa idc

play ghost trick!! and may takumi deliver us from this poorly written hell, prays for the games that athena and apollo deserve, amen

SID - Monochrome no Kiss
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Monochrome no Kiss by SID

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Credit: おみや

天使 by: 黒色素

**permission to upload this was given by the artist**


天使 by: 黒色素

**permission to upload this was given by the artist**